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Dojo Toys, leading the industry in specialized target systems, is

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Our newest system

proud to announce our new less lethal ammunition targets. Dojo Toys provides equipment that improves skills, saves valuable time in setup, and eliminates the constant need for repair or replacement which translates to more focused training. Our space-saving designs and affordable products for impact and less lethal weapons make a perfect fit for all training needs and benefit departments large or small. Our newest design, the One-Hand Target System, is the most portable of our extensive line. Our portable Quick Up Stands are maintenance free, require no tools, and set up instantly. We manufacture target systems for law enforcement, military and martial arts. Select the style for your needs..

Less Lethal
Ammunition Targets

Used by:

Impact Targets

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Martial Arts

  • Washoe County Sheriffs Dept.
  • San Mateo Police Dept.
  • Oakland Police Dept.
  • U.S. Immigration
  • MCB Quantico, VA
  • Smith & Wesson Academy
  • Santa Monica Police Dept.
  • Menlo Park Police Dept.
  • Farmington P.D., NM
  • Fresno P.D., CA
  • Fresno Police Academy, CA
  • Riverside Sheriff Dept., CA
  • San Mateo County Jail, CA
  • Santa Monica Police Dept. CA
  • City of San Jose Police Dept.
  • Fresno County District Attorney
  • National Training Concepts
  • Huntington Park Police Dept.
  • Fresno Police Academy
  • Clint Peoples Training Acad., TX
  • Dayton Ohio Training Acad., OH
  • Jackson Co. Sheriff's Dept., OR
  • Nevada Highway Patrol, NV
  • Santa Rosa Junior Collage, CA
  • International Training Resources (certification courses)
  • Fairfax Criminal Justice Acad., VA
  • Genesee County Probation Dept., NY
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