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  • police
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  • highway patrol
  • corrections officers
  • riot police
  • military police
  • security guards
  • and more
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Impact Targets

DOJO TOYS proudly introduces our IMPACT WEAPONS TARGET to the Law Enforcement community.

Field tested for over eight years, this target has proven itself superior to anything in its class. For training, certification and skill development for batons, PR-24 and expandables, this target is unsurpassed. Go to our workout page to see how you can improve your skills, accuracy and stamina.

What sets us apart from other equipment?

Nothing holds up to a baton assault like a DOJO TOYS Target. High density rubber surrounding an impact resistant inner core creates the most durable target made. It is also absorbent enough to eliminate costly weapon damage. Stainless steel aircraft cable looped at both ends makes an unbreakable tether to hang or anchor your target.

In this day and age of budgets, value can be hard to find. DOJO TOYS TARGETS start at an incredible price of $159.95 making it an affordable addition to your department. When you add the costs of conventional equipment like heavy bags, impact suits, arm shields etc. DOJO TOYS clearly stands alone. Our equipment has an unconditional money back guarantee for thirty days from the date of purchase and a one year guarantee of replacement if our product should fail in any way.

What can you expect from training on a DOJO TOYS target?

  • Weapon accuracy
  • Grip Strength
  • Arm Stamina
  • Cardiovascular conditioning

Each of these elements are exercised with every strike of your weapon. The narrow design demands an accurate strike for success. This encourages you to pinpoint the most efficient hit for the most effective impact. The unique, patented design allows for a complete follow through and set up for the next strike , instilling proper technique and form.

The length of our targets are designed to access all the vital strike zones thus providing you with multiple impact points.

Maintaining motivation is something every trainer and officer will encounter. Variety is a key element. Our targets can be used in a number of ways. You may choose to hang the target tightly or loosely. This creates an element of unpredictability. By presenting drills in this manner, it promotes awareness and attention throughout each exercise. DOJO TOYS targets can also be held horizontally while the student lunges at another to simulate an advancing arm. The light weight of the target allows for versatility of use. Read our targets page for more information. Our purchase page has information on how to obtain DOJO TOYS targets and systems.

Used by:

  • Washoe County Sheriffs Dept.
  • San Mateo Police Dept.
  • Oakland Police Dept.
  • U.S. Immigration
  • MCB Quantico, VA
  • Smith & Wesson Academy
  • Santa Monica Police Dept.
  • Menlo Park Police Dept.
  • Farmington P.D., NM
  • Fresno P.D., CA
  • Fresno Police Academy, CA
  • Riverside Sheriff Dept., CA
  • San Mateo County Jail, CA
  • Santa Monica Police Dept. CA
  • City of San Jose Police Dept.
  • Fresno County District Attorney
  • Gilbert Arizona Police Dept.
  • Huntington Park Police Dept.
  • Fresno Police Academy
  • Clint Peoples Training Acad., TX
  • Dayton Ohio Training Acad., OH
  • Jackson Co. Sheriff's Dept., OR
  • Nevada Highway Patrol, NV
  • Santa Rosa Junior Collage, CA
  • International Training Resources (certification courses)
  • Fairfax Criminal Justice Acad., VA
  • Genesee County Probation Dept., NY
Horizontal Target


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