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Horizontal Target
Less Lethal

Dojo Toys unique less lethal ammunition target offers your department the most durable  target on the market.

Long Less lethal ammunition target. Click for larger view.

It reacts and flexes realistically with each shot fired simulating the impact during an actual encounter. Give your officers the experience and familiarity to be prepared in the field. Built with a 3/8-inch-thick synthetic material reinforced with two layers of polyester, you can expect years of topnotch training with this target. The savings for your department are considerable:

  • No more buying hundreds of paper targets.
  • No more time wasted in repeated setups.
  • Eliminates time delays on your firing line.

Typical savings for an average agency can exceed hundreds of dollars per year, and that does not include the savings from more efficient officer training. Also, Dojo Toys targets do not compromise the impact rounds, allowing for reloading at a considerable savings.

Short Less lethal ammunition target. Click for larger view.

Compact, portable and versatile, our target and stand systems offers you set up in minutes. This portability allows you to take it from gym to parking lot or field offering trainers more variety for drills in realistic situations. Training in all types of weather and environments helps better prepare each officer to face a true to life encounter. Storing your target and stand is simple. Our stands break down into three flat pieces. We recommend using our 3/8” base stand for easy setup and maximum portability.

Quality materials combined with simplicity create the ultimate impact weapons target. The multitude of benefits offered by our target and freestanding stands is clear.DOJO TOYS invites you to contact us with any questions or comments about our products or services at 800 633-5315 or by email.

Horizontal Target


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