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One-Hand Target System

Our One-Hand Target System includes a  lightweight stand that has been specifically designed to improve portability and drastically reduce weight while maintaining the integrity expected from a Dojo Toys product. Constructed with powder coated Telsbar steel tubing this stand is designed to be assembled without nuts, bolts, or tools of any kind. This system includes our unequaled less lethal ammunition target and lightweight hanging hardware, creating the finest target system available on the market.

Transport package
The stand is bundled for easy transportation to your training area or anywhere you train with less lethal ammunition. The bundle is approximately 47 inches long and weighs about 35 pounds. The system can be set up in one minute and is 80 inches tall when assembled. The target weighs 15 pounds so that the entire stand system weighs 50 pounds. The system includes two grass stakes to stabilize the system in heavy wind conditions. The entire One-Hand Target System costs only $849.95. See our price list for more information.

Setting up our stands is very easy and requires no tools . . .

Lay out the pieces.

Transport package spread out

Click any image to see a larger version.

Insert the top support.

Insert the right tube with the Dojo Toys logo onto the hub.

Stack the tube with the solid post up onto the hub.

Connect target to stand using the included hanging hardware.

One hand system

Dojo Toys products are used by:

  • Washoe County Sheriffs Dept.
  • San Mateo Police Dept.
  • Oakland Police Dept.
  • U.S. Immigration
  • MCB Quantico, VA
  • Smith & Wesson Academy
  • Santa Monica Police Dept.
  • Menlo Park Police Dept.
  • Farmington P.D., NM
  • Fresno P.D., CA
  • Fresno Police Academy, CA
  • Riverside Sheriff Dept., CA
  • San Mateo County Jail, CA
  • Santa Monica Police Dept. CA
  • City of San Jose Police Dept.
  • Fresno County District Attorney
  • Gilbert Arizona Police Dept.
  • Huntington Park Police Dept.
  • Fresno Police Academy
  • Clint Peoples Training Acad., TX
  • Dayton Ohio Training Acad., OH
  • Jackson Co. Sheriff's Dept., OR
  • Nevada Highway Patrol, NV
  • Santa Rosa Junior Collage, CA
  • International Training Resources (certification courses)
  • Fairfax Criminal Justice Acad., VA
  • Genesee County Probation Dept., NY
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