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Value in this day and age of budgets can be hard to find. DOJO TOYS TARGETS start at an incredible price of $360.00 for less lethal ($325.00 for impact target) making them an affordable addition to your department. When you add the costs of conventional equipment like heavy bags, impact suits, arm shields etc. DOJO TOYS clearly stands alone. Our equipment has an unconditional money back guarantee for thirty days from the date of purchase and a one-year guarantee of replacement if our product should fail in any way.

Target Systems



One Hand System

50 pounds





Heavy Duty Impact Target with Hanging Hardware

12 pounds


Short Less Lethal Ammo Target

16 pounds


Long Less Lethal Ammo Target

18 pounds


Quick Clip Spring Set



Quick Up Stands



One Hand Stand

35 pounds


3/8-inch base

68 pounds


Prices do not include taxes or shipping and handling. Volume discounts are available.

Send us an Email, give us a call at 1.800.633.5315, or fax us at 1.530.546.3536, and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and try to find a suitable target system that you will take pride in and enjoy for years to come.

Horizontal Target


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