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Used by

  • police
  • sheriffs
  • highway patrol
  • corrections officers
  • riot police
  • military police
  • security guards
  • and more
Horizontal Target
Quick Up Stands

Our Quick Up Stands are designed as functional art. Who says equipment can't have style and graceful lines? Built for easy portable target support, these free-standing stands break down to 4 flat pieces, making it easy to find an out-of-the-way place for storage. Set up takes seconds and our impact targets take up less space than a broom.

Compact, portable and versatile, our target and stand system can be set up in minutes. This portability allows you to take it from gym to parking lot or field offering trainers more variety for drills in realistic situations. Training in all types of weather and environments helps better prepare each officer to face a true to life encounter.

Dojo Toys stands come in three different weights to accomodate your needs. The 1/4-inch base (40 pounds) handles lighter weapons and all less lethal ammunition and is easily portable. For heavier attacks you can choose from the 3/8-inch (68 pounds) or 1/2-inch bases (104 pounds). Any of the bases can be mounted on casters for easy movement and training with a mobile target. The stands are carefully engineered to emphasize proper striking techniques by providing instant feedback on your striking form.

Setting up our stands is very easy and requires no tools...

Lay out the pieces.

Insert the first support into the base.

Insert the second support.

Click any image to see a larger version.

Insert the top support.

The ease of assembly is due to our unique interlocking joints..

Any of our targets can be hung using the same stand.

Used by:

  • Washoe County Sheriffs Dept.
  • San Mateo Police Dept.
  • Oakland Police Dept.
  • U.S. Immigration
  • MCB Quantico, VA
  • Smith & Wesson Academy
  • Santa Monica Police Dept.
  • Menlo Park Police Dept.
  • Farmington P.D., NM
  • Fresno P.D., CA
  • Fresno Police Academy, CA
  • Riverside Sheriff Dept., CA
  • San Mateo County Jail, CA
  • Santa Monica Police Dept. CA
  • City of San Jose Police Dept.
  • Fresno County District Attorney
  • Gilbert Arizona Police Dept.
  • Huntington Park Police Dept.
  • Fresno Police Academy
  • Clint Peoples Training Acad., TX
  • Dayton Ohio Training Acad., OH
  • Jackson Co. Sheriff's Dept., OR
  • Nevada Highway Patrol, NV
  • Santa Rosa Junior Collage, CA
  • International Training Resources (certification courses)
  • Fairfax Criminal Justice Acad., VA
  • Genesee County Probation Dept., NY
Horizontal Target


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